What is it and why it started

" an idea to share good food, for the people by the people "

Cook@Home is a c2c (user-user) platform that allows anyone with a passion for cooking to create their own profile for free and offer their dishes to anyone who wants to buy them.

The site welcomes both guests and cooks of any level of experience, from professionals to novices, eager to offer their own dishes, both local and not, who will decide independently their prices and their working hours guaranteeing users that the service happen.

Cook@Home intends to offer a culinary service accessible to everyone, offering to the Hosts a wide choice of both dishes and prices, and to the Cooks, the ability to make money simply by cooking at the Hosts homes, suitable not only for professionals, but also for students, foreigners and anyone who loves cooking.

Ideal for those who have no time to cook on their own or for who wants to savor new, exotic and original dishes.


What are you waiting for, join us and enter in a new era of the cuisine “for the people by the people”!


How it started


The idea of Cook at Home was born in Italy in 2014 and initially the project was to put in touch, through a forum, the people who were willing to cook at the home of others, however it was aimed at a wider audience than the usual professional chefs offered from the web, for example, it was aimed to include also exchange students, housewives, pensioners and anyone who wanted to try their hand at cooking, or in general to whoever needed to supplement their salary.


Shortly afterwards we noticed that a platform of this kind would not have been successful without a secure surveillance over the payment transactions, in order to guarantee the provision of the service.


 Following various market researches, 2015 was spent on R&D (research and development) and a first beta of the site came to light in 2016: a more primitive site for graphics and functions than the one developed later and which was then tested during that year on the Baltic area.

The tests, although gathering great interest and positive opinions in the public, showed how the interface was not mature and not sufficiently ready to deal with users not savvy in the usage of modern technologies, moreover, there were several bugs that prevented a smooth experience during the booking and payment process.

The design, development and implementation lasted throughout the 2017 due to numerous improvements in the UX/UI (user experience/user interface), a new Front-End graphic interface and a different and optimized Back-End programming language (PHP).


In 2018 the first version was completed (called MVP) which ensured the creation of profiles for cooks with different tutorials, videos and icons to help even the least expert Internet users to easily create their profile.


Finally, in the 2019 we are at a final version which includes all the work and improvements done so far, and the platform will be continuously updated and perfected.


On 2020 In an effort to expand our offerings, we had work to introduce the “C@H Delivery” to allow the choice of preferring dishes cooked at their home or to receive them already made by the cook.


Many different types of foodDescription automatically generated

Many different types of foodDescription automatically generated




In Italy we have already more than 2000 chefs registered on the platform with ascensional trend.

We are working to implement a Merchandise page in which our Cooks will be able to purchase all necessary equipment for Food transportation and the Beverage module, to pair drinks to dishes and menu’s .


We are also developing the app for all mobile devices.

Im Jahr 2020: Um unser Angebot zu erweitern, haben wir an der „C@H-Lieferung“ gearbeitet, damit unsere Kunden die Wahl haben, sich zu Hause bekochen zu lassen oder fertig zubereitete Gerichte nach Hause liefern zu lassen.


That simple idea is now a reality: every type of food you might desire is only a click away from you.

With our innovative platform you can organize a spectacular dinner with your friends while giving you the freedom to stay with them and enjoy their company.

For all the Cooks who are using our service, Cook@Home is an innovative way of earning money.


For our Hosts, instead, it will be a new way to expand their culinary horizons in a convenient manner, and to improve their quality and freshness of their meals.