What is it and how it started

" an idea to share good food, for the people by the people "


One day Alessio had enough of eating the same food over and over. So he thought about a service that would allow anyone to enjoy a new culinary experience in the safety of his house.

A simple idea that has now become a reality: any kind of food few clicks away. With our technology you can organize a spectacular dinner with friends, while being free to enjoy their comapny and entertain them.

For all the cooks and chefs who use Cook@Home, our service represent an innovative way to earn money. For our customers, we help broaden their culinary panorama and choice and improve the quality of the meals while saving money over beverages.

One Cook, many cultures.

Across borders, cultures, languages and traditions, we are proud to connect people who want a new amazing culinary experience with people looking to earn money offering their culinary culture. Your wish to taste new cultures and dishes inspire us.