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What happens when a Host cancels a reservation?

In his profile, the cook can choose between three types of cancellation and the host can view which type was chosen by consulting the cook's profile:


Flexible: The host can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the service.

Moderate: The host can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 5 days before the service.

Rigid: The host can cancel the reservation at no cost up to 15 days before the service.

If the cancellation occurs after these terms, the host will have to pay the full amount of the transaction and the cook will receive the amount due, exactly as if the culinary event had happened successfully.

Do I have to issue an invoice?

No, there is no need to issue an invoice at the end of the event. The system will then send both parties a summary invoice of the event.

Do you need HACCP (or an equivalent International Standard for food safety certificate) to operate the service?

No, you do not need HACCP to register or to offer the cooking service.

How do I create a profile?

To create a profile, you must first register. At the time of registration, you must select the word "I am a cook" and proceed with data entry. Once the profile is created, you can start adding your dishes and select your availability on your professional calendar.

How do I create a menu?

To create a menu, you need to create some dishes first. Once you have entered the dishes individually in their section, you will be able to assemble a menu consisting of two or more dishes among those you have created, and then you will be able to give a name to this menu and possibly even assign a discount.

You cannot create a menu unless the dishes that compose it are created individually.

Do we need health checks? What checks do you need?

No health checks are necessary to use our platform, however if we find any anomalies, we will suspend the account of the user who commits irregularities.

Should I bring the ingredients and the kitchenware?

The ingredients will have to be brought by you, because you will also be judged according to their freshness and quality.

Instead, when you receive the booking confirmation email, you will have to check all the appliances and kitchenware in the Host’s possession who booked you and then you will bring the remaining ones.

When do I receive the payment?

You will receive payment within 24 hours after the culinary event successfully ends, to make sure that it is completed. You can find the amount in your personal area.

What happens if the customer cancels the order after I go shopping?

There are cancellation terms that you can choose based on your needs and set during your profile setting. In this FAQ and in the Terms of Service you can get more information about it.

Is there a service fee to pay?

Yes, there is a service fee that is only paid when a culinary event takes place and ends successfully. This fee corresponds to 10% of the total booking. VAT is then calculated on this amount.

For example, on a total booking of € 200 this fee corresponds to € 20, plus the VAT on that fee. Mathematically it would be:

Total booking price - (service fee + (service fee / VAT)

How does the "location" work?

You will have to enter all the cities / towns where you want to offer your cooking services, all the areas where you would like to be booked.

When a Host searches in one of the places where you have reported your presence, you will be displayed by the search result.

How does the "vacation mode" work?

You will be able to enter the vacation mode when you are away, in that case you will not be able to found it if a Host is looking for Cooks in your area, regardless of the period of search carried out by the Host.

How long do I have to confirm the reservation?

After you have set the availability to be booked in the calendar and unless you have set the option: "immediate booking", you will have 24 hours to confirm your reservation.

We advise you to check your dashboard notifications or email frequently.

How does Instant booking work?

Instant booking allows you to be booked without having to confirm the event, in this case if you have entered availability in the calendar and a person books you, you will be confirmed automatically.


If you opt for this choice, we advise you to organize your calendar well and to look at the dashboard notifications or emails often so as to be on time for each service.

Am I insured against any damage?

At the moment the site does not include this type of insurance and therefore we advise you to take out an RCT/RCO insurance (for collaborators) or equivalent, for any damage to third parties that also includes poisoning.

We are working to include it in the service offered by Cook @ home, it will be implemented in the next updates.

Can I bring a helper?

Of course! You can bring a helper as long as you let your Host know, and remember that since he/she is your responsibility, you will have to calculate it in the price of your dishes and pay for it. You can still write in the profile that you can also be booked for a high number of portions but in that case, you will have a helper in tow.

 We are working on how to insert a "helper" feature that will help in this process; that will be implemented in future updates.

How can I transport food and prepared dishes to the host’s house?

Following HACCP guidelines, we recommend transporting the food in appropriate food grade containers and cooler bags.

Cook@Home is shortly going to introduce an online marketplace where these kinds of products can be purchased.

How can I offer the same dish for cooking at the host’s house and for delivery?

Just create two dishes! For one dish select “cooked at home” and specify how much time it requires for preparation and cooking, for the other dish select the option “home delivery”.

Of course, you can also choose different prices for the two options.


You can of course vary the price.

Can I offer mixed menus with both premade dishes and dishes that I cook at the host’s house?

Yes, you are free to create mixed menus however you imagine. We understand that some dishes, like cakes, require too much time to be easily prepared at the host’s home.

Does Cook@Home work during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Yes, but only for the Cook @ Home Delivery service.



Do not offer cooking services if you have symptoms including coughing, throat aches, high temperature or fever, diarrhoea or weakness; if you are quarantined because of a positive test or suspected sickness; if you have had contact with positive or suspected cases.

Disinfect all surfaces and cooking instruments before starting to cook.

Always wear a facemask and gloves while preparing food.

Maintain a safety distance of 2m from other people.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and not to touch your face.

Do I really need a VAT number?

We recommend caution to avoid fines. Consult a professional in your area, since rules vary between countries.