Affiliation Program

We are looking for affiliates throughout Europe:


The Cook @ Home format is already ready to expand, so we are looking for affiliates to assign areas.

The site is completely translated into 5 languages ​​but others can also be added quickly.

What do we ask from our affiliates:


We are looking for people  with enthusiasm, motivation and the willing to grow, possibly experts in marketing and food lovers, able to  create and expand our network, our brand and the influence of Cook@Home in their own territories.

Our affiliates must have organizational, creative and relational skills, must know how to use problem solving methods and must be able to develop marketing strategies and methodologies to achieve the company objectives.

Also we ask to manage the official social media pages in their own territories by acting as moderators.

Our affiliates must follow and pass on our company philosophy to the cooks and those with skills in the kitchen.

Our affiliate must communicate constantly with the CMO the results and any problem.

Furthermore, we ask our affiliates to be passionate, dedicated, motivated to ensure that we all together succeed and gain from this enterprise.


If you think you have these qualities, believe in the project and want to change your life, contact us at: