How does it work?


The payment system of Cookathome, being a platform that operates internationally, consists of a system of credits for both to facilitate the conversion into other currencies and to be able to have an extra credit generated by the “Invite Friends”,  for gift cards and for merchandising.

1 Credit = € 1






Cookathome will guarantee:  the continuity of the service, that the culinary event will take place and the safety of the financial transactions between the parties.
For all of that, Cookathome withholds only 10% of the total transaction.







The Cook will choose from the calendar in his profile, the days when he will be available to cook and for and at what times (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner). The cook can autonomously decide whether to apply taiffe of discounts or surcharges on certain days of choice to make his offer more suitable.






The Host (the user who books the service of the Cook) will place the orders through the website and will proceed with the payment of the total amount of the reservation. This amount will be retained and on hold until the service is provided.






As soon as the Host has paid, the Cook and the Host will both receive a notification confirming that the reservation has been made. Check in.
At the end of the scheduled event, both the Host and the Cook will mark it as “Check-out”, which will mean that the event ended with success.







Once Check-out has been made, the Credits will be transferred to the Cook, in a sum equivalent to the sum paid by the Host, minus the service fees. The Cook then, will be able to choose whether to reuse them through the platform or convert them into money on his Paypal account.
The Cook is required to open a Paypal account to receive the funds, Paypal accounts have no cost to open and to maintain.







The Cook can choose between three different methods of Host cancellation:

Flexible: no penalties up to 48H before the day of the culinary event
Moderate: no penalties up to 5 days before the day of the culinary event
Rigid: no penalties up to 15 days before the day of the culinary event

The Host can cancel the reservation without any penalty before the above terms.
After that, the entire amount of the transaction will be retained, originating the payment to the Cook and the service fees.





We have introduced the possibility for the cook to bring the dishes already prepared at home directly to the customer's home, for example: cakes, sushi or pre-cooked dishes to be heated like lasagna, eggplant parmesan etc.
The chefs will have an icon in the profile inherent to the service offered.
The icon corresponding to the type of service will be displayed in the plate image




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Through the "INVITE FRIENDS" page, you can invite your friends through social media, email or by copying your link that contains your reference code. Your friends, who will register through your link, will be unlimitedly associated with you.

This means that anytime they book and bring a culinary event to a successful conclusion, you will automatically be accredited with 20% of the service fees of that booking in the form of credits on your profile that you can use to book a Cook at your home or  that you could monetize through Paypal. (Provided that you yourself have been booked with success as a Cook at least once).

The number of Cooks you can register is unlimited.