16 Aug 2019

Update to 15.08.2019

We have introduced several new features:

 - surcharge for the distance for cooks

- possibility to copy the dishes link on social networks as well as facebook

- modified both tutorials

- fixed the login page (guest access problems)

- once the cook's mobile number has been changed in the profile change, the correct formula is now: 0039 (italy) and then number or +39 (italia) and then number

- fixed the search of the city in the map

- fixed various bugs and various problems

Our advertising campaigns continue, we are about to come out with a new promotion for cooks, you will receive an email shortly ..

01 Jul 2019

Update 01.07.2019

We fixed additional bugs and introduced new features:

- obligation to enter the position of both cook and host

- new tutorial for host and updated cook tutorial

- introduced and improved the automatic cash out function

- introduced the function that the even is automatically checked out positively after 12h

We started several campaigns, both on Facebook and on Instagram plus several collaborations, soon we will provide more information.

01 Jun 2019

Update 01.06.2019

We have introduced new features:

- e-mail reservation confirmation for both host and cook

- introduced a new video tutorial for the cook

- inserted captcha for registration

- reactive calendar for future bookings

From this moment we start with advertising campaigns through Google and Facebook and a video spot will be released that will run through social networks and YouTube.

07 May 2019

Update 05.05.2019

Several calendar and booking problems have been fixed. We have introduced a new, more functional Navbar, which allows the switch between cook and host faster.

Now you can also use the tutorial for the calendar.

03 Apr 2019

Update 01.04.2019

We have solved several problems concerning the booking, soon the service will be fluid and usable.

You will be notified by email when everything is ready, thanks for understanding.

02 Mar 2019

Updates 03 Mar 19

We apologize for the display errors and the problems you might encounter, we are checking for unexpected events due to the launch of the site.

We are working to resolve them as soon as possible