Trust & Safety


Trust is a cardinal pillar in the Cook@Home community.

We are proud to have a committed and trustworthy community to share our ideals and grow with. We also have in place some measures to ensure quality of service to the highest standards.

You can learn more about your cook or your hosts through their detailed profiles, where they tell you about themselves, their cooking styles or preferences and eventual allergies! You can also talk to other through our messaging system.



Secure transactions

All of your online transactions are secure and your data is protected. Our cooks receive the payment for their meals directly to credit account as soon as the event was a success. For any additional legal information please refer to our TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY.



Cancellation and Refunds

Any paid bookings that will be cancelled, for any reason, will be processed against our CANCELLATION POLICY, and depending from who performs the cancellation, if Cook or Host. The amount of the refund depends on the timing of your cancellation and, in certain cases, a full credit refund will be given.
For any additional information about cancellation please refer to our 




We expect that our Cook@Home members are honest and aware of their social responsibility both as cooks and hosts; you should never forget safety and insurances while cooking or hosting a cook for the first time.
Please take your time to consult their profile carefully and if you decide to book them or cook for them, make sure you contact them also by phone or video call to be sure you are meeting with the same person you have been exchanging messages with.
Also, always inform a person you trust about your plans and where you are going to meet with that person; we also discourage you to send money or to arrange meetings outside our website, because in those cases we will not be able to offer help if something would go wrong.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us to INFO@COOKATHOME.NET




Hosts: Avoid hazards and prepare against emergencies

When your Cooks comes, please show your kitchen, with all its instruments and tools and the dining table or place you intend to consume the meal; make the Cook aware of any details, even minor, that would greatly help him to perform his service for you. Also please let the Cook know if children will be present to the event and if they require some special arrangement.
Fully disclose if you intend to record, film or take pictures of the event and make sure the Cooks agree before proceeding, also ask him about the possibility to be show how to prepare and cook that meal.
Also, please clean your kitchen before your Cook's arrival, to allow him to work in the best conditions possible.

Have ready at hand:

  • a first aid kit, in case of burns, cuts or any cooking related injuries;
  • a fire extinguisher against any fire hazards;
  • emergency numbers for the local hospital, fire department and police station;
  • ice, medical or not.

By following these advices the chance of minimalizing hazards will greatly improve, for your own, your cook, your guests and your house safety.


Cooks: be respectful and clean

Before arriving at your Guest's home, make sure you understand the address, time, date and number of guests to be served, in addition to their possible allergies.

Make sure you prepare and clean your kitchen equipment that you intend to bring with you and that you have purchased all the ingredients necessary to prepare the dishes and / or menus that have been booked for you. Also, make sure once again about your guests' food restrictions, intolerances or allergies and also about the presence of children and their possible dietary needs, in case they differ from those of adults.

When you arrive, be polite and courteous, respect the house rules and habits of your Guest (remember that you are always guests in his kitchen). Ask your Host if he/she wishes to observe how you prepare the dishes and whether they want to attend to your abilities and or discuss your methods or experiences. Before the meal, we suggest that you avoid consuming alcohol, even if offered: alcohol could affect your judgment and motor skills, and could also negatively impact your Host's opinion on you and your professionalism. Also, you risk creating damage or cutting yourself, cooking a dish too long or otherwise creating a difficult situation even for the Host.

After the meal, if the booking includes it, remember to clean and wash the dishes used for the meal and also the equipment used for cooking. Before leaving, ask your Host permission to leave, be cordial and respectful and do not leave without saying goodbye, also remember to check-out the reservation together with your Host to conclude the event!