Soon on C@H

Coming soon feature:

  • Cook@Home delivery: la the Cook will be able to insert and flags dishes which will be already prepared and that will be delivered directly and cooked at the Host’s home.

Next incoming features:

  • Meals requests: we are developing a feature that allows Hosts to create their own meals requests (i.e. Friday 12, dinner for 6, max budget 150€) where Cooks would be able to answer with their proposals.
  • Merchandising: a place where Cooks kits will be sold for credits, like aprons, knives, cooler bags for food transports



  • Drinks pairing feature: the ability for Cooks to create drinks pages to combine them with dishes or menus offered to bring them together with the food.


  • APP Mobile: In Our website is mobile ready, meaning that it can be seen from any mobile device. However, we will develop a dedicated native app to grant a smoother and quicker experience, thanks also to push notifications and better social tools.



  • Cooking tv show: We have planned a reality show that will focus on the live experiences of Cooks, traditional and/or multicultural, while they challenge each other for the “best cooking service” prize. They will be judged against their chosen ingredients, for the preparation skills and cleanliness, friendliness with the Hosts and obviously for the resulting Dishes. The jury will be composed of food bloggers and food influencers, all branded Cook@Home.